Building websites since before Geocities was a thing.

Facilitators. Contractors. Non Profits. Cake Decorators. Standardistas. Professional Wrestlers. I’ve worked with them all.


Thanks for taking the time to visit! I’d love to chat with you about the web projects you have in mind.

I’m a web consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. I’m passionate about technology, and enjoy tinkering and building things. My educational background is in computer programming, but I also have professional experience building websites and web applications, improving website accessibility and developing policy.

I’ve been creating websites and web solutions for small businesses, non profits, creative agencies and government for the past 15 years. I have experience hand coding websites since 1993, when I built my first personal site. Mercifully, archive.org does not have an archive of personal websites on wbs.net from the early 90s.

Does your site need a refresh? A revamp? A redo? Need a site tune up to improve accessibility? I’ve worked with small business and organizations to find solutions to fit their needs.

Looking to seamlessly integrate your website’s content management system with your enterprise document management system and enterprise search platform? I’ve built plugins to do this.

Are you in the creative industry, looking for some expertise to push a project to completion? I often consult on projects, bringing new perspective and value to existing teams to develop plugins, perform audits and more!

Interested in working with me? Let’s get together to talk about your big ideas!

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